Alice Fletcher

Journalism student at the University of Sheffield.

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The Night Café: For Better Days – Review

Rating: 3/5 After a turbulent two years of vocal injuries and a global pandemic, The Night Café have re-emerged onto the indie scene with their charismatic EP ‘For Better Days’, designed to pave the way for the band’s new sound. The Liverpudlian quartet have once again captured thick fuzzy feelings of relationships within their signature sounds: the four song EP smothered with hazy guitars and infectious hooks. But this time round it is apparent that the band have attempted to weave some b

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Alfie Templeman: Forever Isn’t Long Enough – Review

⅘ Stars On course for a Top 40 debut on the Official Albums Chart, ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’ is modern-day musical prodigy Alfie Templeman’s spirited attempt to coalesce multiple genres, from 80’s synth pop to G-Funk and disco. And somehow… it works. Almost entirely written and produced by the 18-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist alone, the ‘mini album’ comes off the back of Templeman’s three other EP’s ‘Like an Animal’, ‘Don’t Go Wasting Time’ and ‘Happiness in Li

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Single Review: Forgetting The Future - ‘Latch’

The sound of coming-of-age has never been more charismatically captured than in Forgetting The Future’s new single ‘Latch’. The four-piece have harnessed their formidable energy to create a festival-ready anthem, overflowing with youthful vigour. Brashly melodic, Forgetting The Future’s latest release is one to be played loud against the beating sun and sweaty crowds of festivals to come. Influenced by the unmistakable sounds of Catfish And The Bottlemen, The Snuts and The Wombats, the Thurso-

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Band spotlight: Deco

The unrivalled masters of 80’s inspired anthems, colourful upcoming indie-pop band Deco are set to be the next big thing for British pop. Their effortless fusion of catchy choruses and synthesized pop melodies has produced some instant mood boosters, perfect for reducing the lockdown blues. Influenced by the unmistakable sounds of The Human League, Duran Duran and Wham!, the London-based band inject a similar energy to their own music that will keep you coming back for more. After their first

What Even is ‘Indie’?

Bucket hats, baggy jeans and Dark Fruits Cider: the indie music genre has transcended into fashion, Instagram filters and even its own corner of Twitter. Embodied by the children of ’70’s punk rockers, in their spiritual home of Reading and Leeds Fest, Indie Kids worship the ground of edgy, unpolished acts. From Arctic Monkeys to lesser known, more underground bands, indie is the home of some of the worlds best artists, old and new. But what makes certain music ‘indie’?